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Benard vortices and hydrogen ions bio-hydrodynamics of the nature and human life fundamentals

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А5 (148 мм х 210 мм)
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550 книг
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Авторы книги:

E.Р. Sidorov

Выходные данные издания:

«Benard vortices and hydrogen ions bio-hydrodynamics of the nature and human life fundamentals»:
– Монография. – Москва, Изд. «Интернаука», 2021. – 110 c.





The monograph considers the concept of a dynamic discrete energymass structure in the form of Benard's vortices, which initiate the formation of the fundamental principle of the vital activity in nature, including humans, due to the elementary charges of gravity-electromagnetic fields, dissociation of water molecules, recuperation and recombination of hydrogen molecules and ions by the forces of resonance of energy-masses fluctuations and fluctuations of an external stochastic or technogenic magnetic field. The evidence-based scientific background for the dynamic processes identification in the human body and man-made devices is presented. For example: "Magneto-hydrodynamic effect of blood water flow" and the physical effects of implosive movement of water in pipeline systems. It is argued that the movement of the water flow of blood follows the laws of man-made devices. It is argued that hemostasis of a sick organism can be achieved by inducing the resonance of fluctuations of the pathogenicity initiator and fluctuations of introduced biological entities having the same degree of ionic bond or values of relative electronegativity on the Pauling scale.