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You need a publication in Scopus if the following applies:

For the academic community, publications in Scopus reputable international journals are of great importance. They allow you to engage in scientific discussions on topical issues and to increase the citation index, which determines the rating of the researcher.

More importantly, articles featured in the journals indexed by Scopus are required when defending dissertations, considering applications for scientific grants, submitting documents for positions of professors, associate professors at departments, department heads, and deans. If you need to publish a paper in Scopus fast, contacting the Internauka publishing house will solve your problems in the best possible way.

You are a young scientist
  • For the admission of your dissertation presentation
  • To increase the possibility of obtaining an academic title
  • To gain an advantage in applying for a scholarship or a grant
  • For additional points for admission to postgraduate/doctoral studies
You want to build a successful scientific career
  • Increase your personal rating
  • Increase your authority in the scientific community
  • Enhance your CV
  • Gain the opportunity to work at the most prestigious universities and laboratories
You need to increase the rating of the university
  • Good achievement indicators
  • General reporting
  • Grant or government task reporting
You want to contribute to science development at the national level
  • The opportunity to enter the international community
  • Expand your personal opportunities
  • Strengthen the position of national research in the world

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We have extensive experience in working with authors throughout Russia and CIS countries, and we are always ready to offer our help. In order to urgently publish a paper in a Scopus journal, contact our publishing house. Based on your request, we will be able to meet your deadline requirements, find a suitable venue for your paper and, if necessary, help you meet the journal’s requirements.

What is necessary for the publication of an article?

Publication in a Scopus journal is often needed as soon as possible, but there is also often no time for the preparation of the manuscript. Besides, due to the increased requirements for articles, not every researcher can cope with this by themselves. In such situations, you can rely on our knowledge, professionalism and integrity to solve scientific and organizational issues related to publication in Scopus journals.

The publication service may include:

Preliminary analysis of the article and recommendations
Substantive revision of the article according to the requirements of the journal
Translation of the article into academic English
Publication of the article
Providing an acceptance certificate
Technical revision of the article in accordance with the requirements of the publication
Providing a PDF of the article/access links
Tracking the article indexing in the citation database
Providing a certificate (upon request)

Cost of publication in Scopus

We can guarantee our customers the best possible service. You can request that we calculate the cost of publishing in Scopus; however, the final price is ultimately discussed with the author and it depends on various factors:

Word count
The complexity of the requirements
Quartile of the journal Q1-Q4

Upon resolving all the issues, a contract will be drawn up that serves as a guarantee for the work to be concluded in an honest and transparent way. After payment, the author need only wait for the publication to appear.

Our guarantees

Contract conclusion
Ongoing updates of citation databases
Partnership arrangement with foreign publications indexed in Scopus and/or WoS

Minimum requirements for a paper to be published in Scopus

1 The text is more than 75% original
2 The material has not been published anywhere, either in full or in part
3 The word count is more than 3000 words
4 The reference list is more than 10 publications
5 Most references are foreign publications published within the last 5 years

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