Urgent publication of a Russian Citation Science Index article

The Internauka publishing house provides publication services for scientific articles in journals indexed in the Russian Citation Science Index.

The service includes

Assessment of the article
The acceptance certificate stating that the article has been approved for publication
Selection of journals included in the Russian Citation Science Index database
Notifications of any changes in the status of the article
Providing authors with a link to a published article or its PDF version
Assistance at all stages up to publication in the Russian Citation Science Index
Hardcopy of the journal (if necessary)

The publishing house guarantees: A full refund in the case of default on the agreement

Calculate the cost of publishing
Choose the journal format
Number of pages
3 7 11 15 19
Desired time of publication
(the publication cost depends on the publication period)
Number of printed journals
0 5 10 15 20
To calculate the cost of publication, you should specify the scientific area
Delivery region
Total: 1600 RUB
The article must comply with the design requirements. Articles that do not meet the requirements will be sent for revision.

Additional services

Provided services Cost
Improving the originality of the text to the required level 200 RUB per page
Academic editing 100 RUB per page
Proofreading 50 RUB per page
Design of the reference list in accordance with GOST 100 RUB per page
Formatting abstract, keywords, and title of the article
according to the requirements of the journal
1000 RUB for 1 piece
Writing (revising) a scientific article от 1200 RUB for 1 piece
Prices are given for 1,800 characters (a standard page)

Scientific areas

  • 1. Architecture and construction
  • 2. Biology
  • 3. Information technology
  • 4. Art critique
  • 5. History and archeology
  • 6. Culturology
  • 7. Mathematics
  • 8. Medicine and pharmacology
  • 9. Interdisciplinary research
  • 10. Earth sciences
  • 11. Pedagogy
  • 12. Political science
  • 13. Psychology
  • 14. Agricultural sciences
  • 15. Sociology
  • 16. Technical sciences
  • 17. Physics
  • 18. Philology
  • 19. Philosophy
  • 20. Chemistry
  • 21. Economics
  • 22. Jurisprudence

Article format requirements

Originality: at least 75% (antiplagiat.ru)
Minimum size: 3 pages
Language: Russian or English
Font: Times New Roman
Font size: 14 points
Line spacing: 1.5 points
Margins: 2 cm all side

1. Title/subtitle of the article: bold capital letters, center alignment
2. Name of the author: bold italics, right alignment
3. Academic rank, academic degree, university, country, city: italic font, right alignment (no abbreviations are allowed). If there are several authors, the information is repeated for each author.
4. Abstract
5. Keywords
6. Article body
7. References

The article should not be previously published, nor should it be submitted for consideration to another publishing house.

It is forbidden to use methods to circumvent anti-plagiarism checks, e.g. formulas for words, replacement of Russian letters with Latin, etc. These violations will be detected by the software, and the article will be returned for revision.

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