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Having a manuscript published in a Scopus- or WoS-indexed journal is of great importance for researchers. It is a significant step for any scholar career-wise

The price for getting published in Scopus may depend on many factors including

time framework
journal’s rating (Q1-Q4)

In order to know the total price for the service, you should submit your manuscript or get in touch with our specialists. We will provide you with an individual quote and prepare the required documents. Internauka Publishing House will help you achieve your goals.

Main manuscript submission guidelines

  • Manuscript has an abstract and keywords
  • Text is structured
  • Objective/research question is clearly stated in Introduction
  • Introduction answers the question “why is the research under consideration required and important for the international community?”
  • Methods (and/or theoretical framework) is described in detail and in full
  • Citations are formatted correctly and properly and appear on the list of references
  • Manuscript is prepared according to English for Academic Purposes
  • Arguments and conclusions are substantial and justified
  • Manuscript is original, it has not been published neither in part, nor as a complete work. It is not under current consideration in another publisher
  • References are mainly foreign scientific articles published in recent 5 years
  • Manuscript contain the results of the research conducted by the author(s) and their discussion
  • Research contributes to the international knowledge


Dana Omirbekovna
National Defense University named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the advice and assistance to Ekaterina Ivanovna Afanasyeva, manager of the department of international publications and also to Litovchenko Marina Valerievna, who is a secretary of the "Internauka" journal. Now cooperation is only with you! Thank you for your work and for your journal!!! Thank you! Prosperity to you

Adel Talgatovna
Karaganda Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after Barimbek Beisenov

I was very surprised and very glad to discover your site and your organization! You are a real godsend for doctoral students who want to quickly publish the results of their dissertation research! I will work with you on an ongoing basis, thank you for your work! Wish you luck! Best regards, Adel Sadvakasova

Larisa Nikolaevna
Nakhval school, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia

I express my deep gratitude for the well-coordinated work to all the staff of the journal. A very convenient site where everything is clear, a dialog window through which instant communication takes place helps a lot! Thanks to Marina Valerievna for her patience and responsiveness.

Yulia Yurievna

I would like to thank the Internauka team for giving me the opportunity to publish scientific papers in the field of profiling. I will continue to contact you. Separately, we were pleased with the publication time, which of course is also very important. Thank you!